Drink Green Tea For A Sexier You

Several studies have shown that green tea is beneficial to your health. As a drink that has been popular for centuries in many Asian countries such as China and Japan, green tea is gaining popularity in the West as a healthy and fat-burning drink. There are several studies showing that ingredients found in green tea may actually help you lose weight by burning excess body fat. If you want a body that’s fit and ready for the summer, here are some green tea weight loss tips:

Have a Green Tea Break

Instead of taking a coffee break, why not sip a cup of hot green tea while eating your afternoon snack at the office? Green tea contains plenty of anti-oxidants that can protect your cells from oxidation. If you don’t like the tea’s bitter taste, go for a green tea with a citrus blend.

Supplement Your Fitness Regimen with Green Tea

To make your fitness regimen more effective, incorporate green tea into your diet. Several studies have shown that green tea contains plenty of EGCG, a substance that can increase thermogenesis. By drinking plenty of green tea, you are actually helping your body burn fats and calories. When brewing your own cup, make sure that the water is not too hot. If the temperature is too hot, the delicate aroma is lost and the tea will taste too bitter.

You can also look for green tea diet pills that are sold by many fitness and weight loss companies. But before you purchase a bottle of diet pills with green tea extract, read the product label first and see what other herbal ingredients are included.

Use Green Tea As A Cooking Ingredient

You can actually use green tea as an ingredient when cooking and baking. The Internet is a very useful tool when looking for delicious green tea recipes. Check out cook books that feature Japanese and Chinese dishes since a green tea diet has been part of these countries’ culture and tradition for centuries. To maximize the health benefits of green tea, make sure that you follow the cooking or brewing instructions.

Aside from helping you lose those excess pounds, regular consumption of green tea may also protect you from certain kinds of cancer and reduce your risks of developing stroke, heart disease, and hypertension. Green tea also acts as a detoxifying agent, helping your body get rid of harmful radicals. Because of these green tea benefits, a daily cup can help you reach your health and fitness goals the natural way.

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